How may people can stay at the villa?

The property has 7 available bedrooms each of which accommodates 2 guests.

What usable spaces do you have?

The property has a function room, 2 kitchens, reading room, wine cellar, computer room, TV room, living room, dining room, pool area, patio, outdoor parking

How many people can attend an event?

The grounds can accommodate up to 500 guests. However the indoors function room, can accommodate 100 guests.

Do you have wifi?

Yes, internet access is included in the price

What are the surroundings of the villa?

Quiet village within well known wine growing region

If we are having an event, can the guests use the property?

The property can be rented at additional cost, with limited access to the guests staying overnight. However, the kitchen in the stables, can be used for catering purposes during the event.    

How many events do you run a day?

One event per day

Can we hire the grounds but use our own catering services?


Do you provide catering services?


Do you provide wedding cake?

Cake can be arranged at additional cost

Can I bring my own wedding cake? Would there be an extra charge?

You can bring your own cake, there is no additional charge

Are there any limitation on the timings of the ceremony?

Yes, outdoors music has to stop by 1am

Do you have your own trusted catering company?

Yes, we have ears of working together with reliable catering company. 

Can we choose our own photographer?

Yes you can 

Can we arrange our own music?

Yes you can, but if required we can provide DJ/live band

Is there fix charge for the rental of the premises?

Please see our price list for different options of renting our premises

Do we have disabled access?

Disabled room can be arranged, but please contact us as it depends on disability requirements.